Smart Home Technology to Simplify Your Life

I can’t tell you the number of times my kids leave the house without setting the alarm. Surprisingly it happens too often. I tell them over and over to make sure they arm the system but inevitably they forget.

Forgetting to set the home alarm system is no longer an issue for me. Why you ask? I have recently added our Smart Home technology Connect 24 to our home alarm system.

This allows me to arm, disarm as well as review my home alarm system remotely from my smart phone. You can operate all kinds of household appliances such as your thermostat, lights, door locks garage door. Think of the benefits this would provide.

Lets say you needed to let the dog walker into the house, you no longer need to provide a key, nor access codes. You can do it remotely yourself. Disarm the alarm, unlock the door, switch on the lights. Then simply reverse the steps and voila all is secure.

Imagine you leave the house in the morning and forgot to turn down the thermostat. Yes I know yours is already an electronic one…. Sure it is, and how often do you override the system and then forget to reset it. Let me guess…always. Well now you can make the change from your desk at work. This is the type of convenience we can provide. Don’t wait, give us a call and find out how to make your home a smart home.