Home Security Systems: More than Just Burglary Protection

I received a call last Friday from one of my residential clients.  They were so pleased with a recent device we added to their alarm system.  About two weeks ago the client asked us if we could install something that would notify them if there was a flood inside the house.  Sure enough we have a flood sensor that connects directly to the existing Perimeter Security Solutions alarm system.  The sensor will activate the siren inside the house and when the TeleGuard smart home technology is in use it will also email you when not in the home.  The client said that on Thursday night during a torrential downpour of rain, water started pouring into the basement of the house.  The siren went off at 3 a.m. waking him up.  The home owner ran downstairs to see his basement about to flood.  Luckily the flood sensor activate and woke him up allowing for the client to take immediate steps to avoid serious damage, loss and inconvenience.  The customer was so pleased that he is having an additional device added to his business.  The moral of this story is that your home security system does not need to only secure your home from Burglary, it can also provide security from natural disaster, floors and fire.  Value added to your investment and protection for your most valuable investment,  your home.