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Established in 1999, we are a national and international supplier of the best security products specializing in securing the perimeter of businesses, homes and government facilities. Specifically, Perimeter Security Solutions offers the following products and services:

Our Principle

Perimeter Security has a fundamentally different approach to building security. Whether it is a residential home or a retail store, our philosophy is the keep intruders out in the first place!!!! Other security companies suggest simple alarm monitoring alone will protect your family and your valuables. Unfortunately, we all know that just isn’t true.

To have peace of mind and to truly take proactive steps toward securing any property, Perimeter Security will recommend layers of security. Our layered approach will ensure that your family, investments, possessions, and valuables are safe and will likely be there when ever you return.


Door Reinforcement

 The Majority of Break-Ins occur through forced entry of doors. The quality of your off the shelf door will not stop easy entry due to their poor construction and design. Perimeter Security utilizes various hardware to solve this weakness.

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Alarm Systems

 Once again our focus on keeping intruders out, is our unique approach to alarm systems. We combine the physical hardware that we have installed to work WITH your electronic alarm.

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Video and Access Control Systems

Perimeter Security works with some of the world’s leading manufacturers to offer fully integrated electronic access control and video surveillance systems. We integrate the electronic solutions to enhance the physical barriers we have installed.

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Security Bars and Gates

Perimeter Security also offers a full range of security gates and bars. These range from fixed permanent bars to folding gates that offer a free, clear view in the day time but a full diamond shape visual deterrant when closed. 

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High Security Locks

All the security in the world will not have any effect if your lock can be easily picked. YES your lock can be picked by anyone. You do not have to be a master burglar to execute a quick pick of most locks.

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Glass and Window Protection

Windows Look great, allow lots of natural light and overall create an open and inviting atmosphere. The only problem is that there is nothing stopping a burglar from smashing the glass and simply entering the home or business.

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