Frequently Asked Questions
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    Why should I choose Perimeter Security over the big name security companies?

    There are several reasons we think we should be your security provider of choice.

    1. Personal service. We are the owners not just employees. Your satisfaction is absolutely imperative to us. It is most likely that our next client will be referred to us from our last client.
    2. Our ultimate goal is to keep anyone who is unauthorized out of your premises. We first ensure that forced entry through vulnerable points of entry is reduced or rendered nearly impossible through our “target hardening” of your home or business.We then focus on alarm notification while the potential intruder is still outside the property. No other company has this goal In mind, the other guys are only hoping you will send them their monthly monitoring fee and don’t really care if your property is violated.
    3. Reputation
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    How does security film work?

    Security film is a virtually transparent film that is laminated onto EXISTING windows.  Once correctly applied these films or laminates can withstand up to 450 PSI (pounds per square inch) impact.  Although not impenetrable, security film takes regular glass and makes it into security glass capable of withstanding high impact from things such as rocks, bats, hammers as well as severe weather that can send flying debris into your windows and into your home.

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    How do I clean my windows after the film has been applied?

    You can use any normal household window cleaner on the film just nothing abrasive.

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    Will a Home alarm save me money?

    A home alarm with smoke detection can provide you a 15% REDUCTION in your home insurance premiums. Check with your insurance company or Broker for details.

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    Can my phone line be cut disabling the alarm?

    Depending on what type of phone line system you use, the phone line can be disabled and by doing so remove the ability for communication with our central monitoring station, however cellular back up systems can be installed and we offer this service.

What Our Cliens Say

  • Your guys were here this morning and they were awesome! Super quick, efficient and lovely.

    AB, Toronto
  • I would like to comment on how professional, respectful, neat and quiet your guys were when they did the installation. They were really professional. I would recommend them to anyone. It was a really positive experience.

    NB, Toronto
  • Your guys were really great, and I really appreciated that they went out of their way to review the system and answer our questions.

    ST, Toronto

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