Benefits of Door Reinforcement – Home Security Solutions

Home security products are available for a reason, that reason is to protect and keep you secure. According to Statistics Canada, there are ~500 break and enter per 100,000 population for the year 2012. These numbers have been decreasing over the years, due to more home security prevention solutions.

Surveys have shown that homes with security systems in place have less property stolen.
As important as it is to have a home alarm system, that alone will not protect your home or keep it secure, home alarm systems are know as “Burglary Deterrents” and remain that way.
That is why you can invest in securing your perimeter, starting off with Door Reinforcement.

The Benefits of Door Reinforcement

  • As a survey showed, 34% of burglars have entered through the front door. Protecting your front door will decrease the chances of burglars breaking and entering.
  • The locks will become Anti-Lock bumping, which is a technique anyone can learn online, and implement it on any general lock.
  • Windows on and around the door will have safety films to protect them from breaking, as the survey showed, 22% of the burglars use windows to break-in.

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